Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Felix the Cat (1992)

I think Felix the Cat has an intresting history. He was created about 92 years ago. Yes, that's right NINTEY TWO. That's pretty goddamn fucking old! Anyway, I find it interesting that no one really knows who created him, Pat Sullivan said he was the creator, but so did Otto Messmer... and it's been disputed even today! No one knows and I doubt anyone ever will really. Anyway, while I do find that interesting I've never really seen any of the original Felix cartoons or the 1950s/1960s one (which this game is based off) but I did watch all 31 episodes of The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat when I was a youngster and enjoyed them a whole hell of a lot. So this rambling terrible paragraph was me saying I do have some fond memories of Felix the Cat.  The Wonderful WONDERFUL CAT.

Felix the Cat at least according to SomethingAwful.com (I like the forums, but I've never been a fan of most of the writings on the main page... ) section the ROM PIT, is a terrible game. I really don't care what their opinions are because if you really think Felix the Cat or Panic Resturant or Tiny Toon Adventures are bad games you really need to go play Castle of Dragon or something. Seriously, there aren't a lack of games that really honestly suck so you don't need to fake get angry at games that honestly aren't that bad. AND the biggest problem with these reviews is they aren't funny. I could easily take someone being funny trashing any game, weither it be Super Mario Brothers or Zelda or even fucking Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde. That's why I don't really like the ROM Pit.


Felix the Cat is a pretty damn good little title. It's not going to knock your socks off but it will seriously be a game you will enjoy unless you are incredibly picky. Felix the Cat has some great graphics for the time. Everything looks like and stuff. The music is incredibly catchy. The game has a really neat gimmick involving transforming into Tanks or Airplanes with the help of Felix's magic bag which is one very neat gimmick. The only problem with Felix the Cat is that it is without a doubt the easiest NES game in existance. Yes, This game is so damn easy a new born babe could beat it. It's so easy my grandmother could beat it. (and she's dead!) It's so easy, Weird FUCKING Edsel beat it. If you can't beat this game you should just give up playing video games forever. No seriously. Anyway, the fact it's easy as fuck doesn't bother me. I still like the game a whole hell of a lot, but it may bother some people out there.

Anyway, I think Felix the Cat for the NES is a worthwhile addition to anyones collection. It's a simple, fun, easy little platformer. As I said it won't blow your socks off, but I'm sure it will give you a few hours of fun and in the end, isn't that worth $5? No you say? WELL FUCK YOU AND BUY THE GAME I FUCKING SAID SO YOU MISERABLE CUNT.


  1. Yeah, it's easy for sure. Is that why those idiots say it's a bad game? Good grief. Edsel beat it?!?


  2. I don't know why they said it was a bad game, I don't read the ROM Pit.

    they seriously get some of the least funniest people alive to write "comical" reviews of so called "bad" games.

    I still really like the forums and find them incredibly fun to read but the ROM PIT always kinda sucked.