Friday, March 25, 2011

Back to the Future (1989)

What do you say about a game you really don't like, but really honestly don't think it's as bad as people say? I dunno, but this review will show you how to not do it correctly! Ho ho ho! Back to the Future for the NES was made by Beam Software and released by LJN. Beam Software made a bunch of games no one cares about, in fact except for the Punisher, I seem to recall they made nothing but shitty shitty games. Ones worse then this one.) Anyway, you already know about the movie trilogy, unless you've been living in goddamned Siberia since 1963, so I'm not going to spend much time going over them. They were a trilogy of really neat sci-fi comedies about time travel. They stared Michael J. Fox. I'M SURE YOU'VE ALREADY SEEN THE DAMN THINGS SO GET OFF MY DAMN CASE. I review NES games no one cares about and sometimes bad movies no one cares about. I don't review the movies everyone already fucking cares about.


Okay, fake rage aside (don't look at me people seem to enjoy reading that, of course people also seem to enjoy watching Twilight movies, I don't get people is what I'm trying to get at here) Anyway, Back to the Future for the NES is a game based on the movies. One of the complaints I really don't like about Movie based games is that they don't follow the movie 100%. Jesus, people let them have some goddamn leeway on things like that. Batman is one of my favorite NES games, yet it DOES take liberties with the source material, but I'm sure I talked about that in my review of that game. Same thing with a lot of good movie based games.  What I'm trying to say is who gives a shit as long as the game is good.  The problem is this game really isn't that good. Not as awful as everyone on the internet says, but really people on the internet aren't to be trusted. PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET SUCK.


The graphics are uh, pretty bad to be honest. They all look really thrown together at the last moment to me. Really bland and uninteresting. The music I actually kinda like (and yes they did get some music from the movie, the music that plays throughout the entire game is The Power Of Love by Huey Lewis and the News sped up really fast. Also Johnny Be Good plays in one of the mini stages I can never ever get too, but I've said before none of that shit matters if the game play isn't good, and to be fair it really isn't. The levels are really just the same over and over which gets boring quickly. And I've never been able to beat the Bullies in the Malt Shoppe ever. And I'm no slouch when it comes to beating NES games. Shit I beat The Adventures of Bayou Billy! BAYOU BILLY!

I don't really hate this game as much as other people do, it's not a game that brings my piss to a boil, it's a game I really don't care about either way. You mention Conan or Dr. Jeckyll to me and I'll punch you in the liver. You mention Back to the Future to me, and I'll be like, yeah, wasn't that great of a game. I'd tell you to pass this title up.

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