Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Castle of Dragon (1990)

This is the game I am trying to beat right now. Yes, I still havent beaten it, and I do try to beat the games before reviewing them, BUT I know for a fact, a fucking fact that this game won't win me over near the end at all. This game is to be very honest not very good. I'll get too the myraid of reasons why this title is a piece of shit but first I have to complain about the title. Castle of Dragon? Seriously? That's such a flagrant missuse of grammar (which is rich, coming from me I know) but seriously. That is not okay people! The fact they forgot to call this game The Dragon's Castle, or Castle of the Dragon or hell even the original japanese title Dragon Unit, makes me realize that they didn't really care about this product. I think you'd get the grammar or whatever right FOR THE GAMES FUCKING TITLE.


Castle of Dragon is hard to explain really. It's got a neat little idea of Platforming/RPG which was only done by two other games on the NES (Sword Master and Frankenstein, neither of them is perfect but they are way better than this game and are both worth picking up but we will get to them later) You go around slashing into boss monsters and getting points for doing so, get enough points and you will go up a level as shown by the bar in the corner of the screen. This is a pretty neat little idea so they get points there. Also the graphics and sound are both really good in this game. The graphics are nice and the sprites are very well detailed and all. The music really sets the mood, it's very low key and really sets the mood nicely I think. I like the music in this game quite a bit.


If I like the concept, I think the graphics are good and I like the music a lot, why the hell do I consider this a bad game? Well for one, this goddamn thing is simply no fucking fun to play. At all. Bad hit detection, like really bad, I've seriously been hurt by nothing in this game. Nothing. Enemies firepower can hit you twice in some situations which is like fucking annoying as shit, to lose half your energy to one annoying enemy, and really the controls suck in this game. There have been so many times when I wanted to jump but the fucker wouldn't let me. ARGH. Seriously, this game is the perfect example of why good graphics and music don't make a good game.

If you are still interested in the idea of this game, I'd tell you to go play Sword Master (which is the unofficial sequel to this game. Weird eh?) and Frankenstein. I'll get to both of those games whenever the hell I feel like it but for now, I'd pick them up and leave Castle of Dragon on the shelf... It's simply not a very enjoyable title and I don't like it, but if you really want to play this game I can't really stop you, who knows you may like it just like Ronald Craig "Scrapper" Nowicki does.

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  1. I think it's a decent game, but it does suffer from bad collision. I didn't know it had a Japanese counterpart. Weird!

    Also, Craig rocks.