Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wall Street Kid (1990)

Well, I guess It's time for me to talk to you all about the Stock Market and tell you everything I know about it....okay, done. Yep. I know nothing about how the stock market actually works. I haven't even seen the movie Wall Street. Just Trading Places. Dan Ackroyd is better than Oliver Stone any day of the week! Also I played Wall Street Kid for the NES, but I don't think it's like the actual stock market or anything. But who knows. If I were Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons I would probably proclaim this opening to be the "Worst. Opening. Ever" and that's pretty true so let's get to the second and hopefully better paragraph.

Wall Street Kid was programmed AND published by Sofel Corporation and if you don't know who they are don't worry, you'd have to be depressingly nerdy as I am to know who they are.  Sofel is probably the least well known NES company of all time, making or at least publishing 4 games. Casino Kid, Casino Kid 2, Dragon Fighter and Wall Street Kid. I think they are a pretty decent company who tried to do some different things, like this game. I mean really who the hell thought of the idea of a stock market sim for the Nintendo? And who the hell knew It could be good enough to get a zero grade on Something Awful's Rom Pit (all the other games get negatives, and while I do love that site I really don't see how some of the games they review can be seen as so bad they get negative score. Oh well, complaining about what a comedy website reviews. Yeah, I'm pretty lame)

Anyway, the internet has not been very kind to this game. I can't think of many people who don't consider this game to be an incredible joke, and I can see why, it's a very lame idea for a simulation, yet I'm going to have to stick up for this game (yes, yes I know. I stick up for shitty games blah blah) and say that it's actually rather enjoyable... or maybe I just like really boring things. Who knows? Anyway despite the fact I find this game fun I do have to mention that the graphics arent great, I mean most of the game is black screen with text. That's not great graphics, BUT I don't give a rat poop in the end about graphics on the fucking NES. I do really like the music in this game. It's very upbeat and catchy, even though it kinda feels like it should be in pretty much any other game ever.

I don't know why I like Wall Street Kid for the NES. I really don't, but I honestly do find this game to be rather fun. I think I was dropped on my head many times as a child.                                                                           


  1. Who was it that made Castelian? I think they only made that single game!

    I kind of like Wall Street Kid too. I can never get very far into it because I suck, but it's kind of enjoyable. I like the different names they give to companies that are spoofs of real companies. And also pissing off the wife is awesome.

  2. I think it was Triffix. some weird name like that. And their one game sucked too so I forgot about it.

    Thanks for reminding me of such a crummy game!