Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bartman Meets Radioactive Man (1992)

Well, it's been a few days since my last update, and I finally completed this game (I for the most part try to review games after I beat them, I don't think it's fair to talk about a game you havent finished, of course I'm a complete hypocrite and have reviewed games I haven't beaten! but I still try to beat them before I review them) Anyway, Bartman Meets Radioactive man is the final part of what I like to call the "Bart" trilogly on the NES. And if you've read this rather awful blog before you know that I don't particularly like the first two games in this series. And hell I'll save you the time it'll take you to read this review. I don't really like this one either! There, you can thank me later.

To be completely and utterly fair, Bartman Meets Radioactive Man IS a better game than the last two abominations, of course that's really really REALLY faint praise. Still finally the fuckers at whatever stupid company programmed them, (I think Acclaim only published them)  they did me a soild, by fixing the controls. Still the controls in this game aren't perfect, it seems Bartman takes his sweet ass time to use his punch or kick on an enemy. Still at least you can make running jumps easier. Also the graphics are still pretty much the same, kinda weird and off in some spots and kinda decent in others. It's raelly hard for me to explain what I mean there, just some of the graphics look good where as some don't, Bart's sprite still looks strange to me, but some of the bosses look good. So I guess that would get a 50/100 from me!

The music is also better, I know I said they did a decent rendition of the Simpsons theme song in the original two games, and I stand by that, but FUCKING HELL YOU COULD EASILY PUT IN OTHER MUSIC, and while this games music isn't very memorable or good, it's a nice welcomed change of pace, but here's the biggest problem with this game. Some really weird design choices, the first level of this game has so many blind jumps that it's fucking amazing I beat it. The second boss, Dr. Krab, is really bothersome because you cant hit this little crab that walks around the floor but he can hit you, and you have to hit Dr. Krab in the right spot at the right time and thats hard with the slow ass controls. Also the third and last bosses are patheticly easy. Like seriously you could get a fucking chimp to beat those levels. Damnit, I want hard boss battles! Not simple ass ones where all you have to do is hit a piece of lava with your cold breath so it'll hit the Lava Boss.

I'm going to say this, if you are crazy enough to still be watching the Simpsons, or you collect NES games, you already have this game probably. If you are a NES player who doesn't think the Simpsons are any good any more you really shouldn't waste your time with this game, or any of the other three. Just go get Krusty's Fun House. It's a pretty unique puzzle game and is worth the money it'll cost, and no I won't be reviewing that next, mostly because I have been all Simpsoned out..

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  1. I've never been through this game, and I think it's mainly because of the blind jumps that you talked about. I think some of the background blends in with what you can jump on, too, so it was pretty discouraging.