Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tom & Jerry (1991)

I don't think I watched Tom & Jerry as a kid. I know I watched every other stupid Hanna Barbera cartoon out there, even the really really bad ones. I'm sure some smart ass will go LOL SO YOU MEAN ALL OF THEM. but seriously, fuck you Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear are awesome. God damn awesome. Sadly, the only thing related to Tom & Jerry I remember from MY GLORY DAYS is the show Tom & Jerry Kids, which was a abortion of a tv show. And not one of those good abortions done by doctors who know what they are doing, I mean a messy back alley abortion proformed by some drunken redneck idiot who ends up killing the mother. I have no idea where I was going with this joke at all, but it certainly went downhill fast. So I guess it's time to change to another subject other than abortions! Let's talk about a NES game I think is pretty good!

Tom & Jerry (and Tuffy) was a game programmed by Software Creations and Hi Tech Expressions published it. I don't think Hi-Tech Expressions ever programmed a good video game and they didn't even publish many good ones either, but their games were never so horribly bad that you remember them as a company. In fact I called them Hi-Tech Electronics before I decided to go check out and see what there real name was...see... no one cares about Hi-Tech. At least I don't. AND I SPEAK FOR EVERYONE. Also I'm sure I've talked about Software Creations before, I love those british bastards. Sure their games are very hit-or-miss  but the hits are really pretty good games, where as the misses aren't complete and utter shit... like Ikari Warriors. Although If I really loved them I wouldn't have originally called them Softwork Creations, but that's what you get when you write a lazy review in 15 mintues about a game no one cares about because you are bored.


Tom & Jerry is a platformer, just like half of the NES games that were released! And since I do love a good 2D platformer I do like this game a whole lot. And I think most people would too, after they got past the steep learning curve of the game as this game is HARD, and while most people would complain that it was made for kids I don't really give a shit if kids like this game because I don't give a shit about kids period. Little bastards, but this game IS hard. it's pretty damn hard for a game based on Tom & Jerry, but I like it that way. Hard NES platformers that are also actually good are a rarity. Most of them are only semi-tough, or tough because they are stupid and broken like Bart Vs. The Space Mutants.

Another great thing about this game is that the graphics are very kiddy which gives the game a nice look to it. The graphics look all goofy and shit like they just came out of a cartoon, which suits it as this game WAS based on a cartoon. The music by Tim & Geoff Follin is great. Seriously, say what you want about the games Software Creations made but don't ever sass the music. The music in all of the games (at least the ones made by the Follins) is damn good and some of the best music on the NES. The game also has some really well designed and nice looking levels, maybe a few really dick moves in this game. And for a NES title that's saying a fucking lot. In the end this game to me is pretty fun.

That's yet another game review of a game no one really cares about. I think I'm going to stay on that course and talk about games no one really cares all that much about, and never really talks about. So stay tuned for tomorrow....or probably next week... FOR ANOTHER GAME THAT YOU WON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT! WON'T THAT BE FUN!??


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  1. I love games like this. Where everything in the background and foreground is big because you are a small rodent or something. Yeah, this is a tough game, but very fun!