Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ringmaster and his CIRCUS OF CRIME!!

I'm sure the few people who I force to read my blog can tell that I haven't updated a lot recently. I've only done two reviews since the 16th and one of them was terrible. I don't try to write anything good (really this blog is just a way of killing time.) but I do try to at least churn out something tolerable, that Tiny Toons 2 review was almost as bad as my attempts to review that baseball game and Othello. It was really bad and you could tell I threw it together in 20 seconds just for the hell of it. The biggest reason I haven't been reviewing any NES shit or any video game shit (I've really been meaning to start reviewing games for other consoles too but never get around to it) is because I haven been playing any games. I don't really feel like it. Their will be times when I go into a drought of video game playing and not play games for a while. It doesn't really last too long or anything, but I don't feel like playing the good NES games so I can't really force myself to play some piece of shit like Back to the Future 2 and 3 (did anyone ever figure out how to play this game... I sure as hell haven't)

So I bring you fine people who read this blog (somehow I get a lot of visitors. I don't know why either. This isn't some comical self-deprecating humor here. I seriously don't get why you'd read this shit. I shouldn't have over 7,000 views.) a article on the comic book supervillian team known as the Circus of Crime (I've been meaning to write more comic articles too. And talk about B-movies. Maybe I'll get to that. too.)  The Circus of Crime is without a doubt the worst supervillian team in the history of comic books. No, I'm not joking there either. Everybody has fought them and kicked the ever loving shit out of them. The Hulk. The She Hulk. The Thing. Spider Man. Daredevil. even the goddamn Power Pack gave the Circus a beating. And Howard the Duck, yes a midget Duck with no superpowers beat the shit out these guys.

Despite the fact they are losers I still really like these guys for some reason. Mostly because of the Ringmasters neato outfit and totally awesome hat. Also did you know his real name is Maynard Tiboldt. That is without a doubt the worst name I have ever heard in a comic book. The worst. Congratuations on having a dumbass name. Also I like how they never give up, and willingly try to fight everyone in the Marvel Universe and still get the shit knocked out of them. Hell I could probably kick their ass, but they'd still try. That's determination. I respect that.

There was also a version of them that appeared in Marvel's Western titles but I never read them because except for Back to the Future 3, Blazing Saddles, and Jonah Hex, I don't particularly like Western related things. Maybe I'll get them if I find them cheap, but I'm not a real big fan of cowboys and shit.

Anyway, I gotta say I love every incarnation of this gang, and I really don't even know why, but Maynard, you may have one retarded ass name, but I still love ya.

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