Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Gong Show Movie (1980)

I was born about a decade too late to be able to enjoy the Gong Show, and thanks to the fact that I've never seen it syndicated I can never tell if I would be able to enjoy it or not, but seeing as this terrible unfunny movie is just made up of shitty gong show sketches. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't enjoy the show. Anyway, I watched the movie because I haven't got anything better to do and I've been trying (and failing... story of my life!) to watch one thousand movies in a year. I'm at 89... yes... I am a colossal failure!

Anyway, I watch a lot of cheesy B-movies, So I figured why the hell not... so I got myself a copy of the Gong Show Movie and watched it. And it was pretty god damn bad. I can take horror movies shot on video and made in a goddamn week. I can take ninja movies cut into two different movies. I can easily take anything and get something out of it, BUT a goddamned unfunny comedy. They are painful. Like literally feel pain after I watch a comedy that isnt funny. That's why Meet the Spartans and those other movies will always be high on my list of the worst movie I've ever seen... and The Gong Show at least has two jokes, which makes it lower on the list. Also a appearance by Phil Hartman. That's always good times!

I usually tell people to check out a game even if I give it a bad reivew, but honestly I can't tell you to check out this movie because if you don't like a game you haven't really wasted any time with it. Maybe 5 minutes. This movie took 1 hour and 30 minutes away from me, that I will never get back. No matter how hard I try, unless I create a time machine, and someone dumb enough to watch the Gong Show Movie won't ever create a time machine.

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