Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Brain (1988)

Well I've ranted about how much I don't like NintendoAge in a terrible little opinion piece that you can see below, but I don't suggest you check it out, of course I don't suggest you read a single thing I write but that piece was really bad. Guess thats what happens when you decide to do things out of the blue! But to make up for it (or to try to make up for it) here is a review of a very entertaining B-Movie from the late 1980s, The Brain. Also because I don't care, this review has spoilers, so read at your own risk!!!

I don't know where I first heard of this movie, probably on the old Joblo forums, which I don't really post on any more (but sometimes will still visit, I try to post but it's not really the same anymore. I miss the old timers.) but I forget who first told me about this movie, so I ended up trying to find a copy, and I never did, mostly because my town kinda sucks for finding movies in, at least movies I'd want to watch, but thankfully to the internet I now have seen the Brain, and can easily say that it is a great B-Movie. It stars a giant killer Brain, Dr. Carl Hill from Re-Animator, who can over act anyone. EVER. If you don't believe me, check out the movie Syngenor, he's seriously the best part of that movie. By far. In this movie, he plays it cool as one of two aliens who want to take over the earth using mind control. They set by creating a TV show called Indepentant Thinking and The Brain pretty much takes over anyone who watches it's mind.

Now comes our hero, Jim Majelewski, who is played by Tom Bresnahan, who stared in movies like Mirror Mirror and Twice Dead... So in other words only movies I could ever give a shit about! Hoooray! Anyway, Jim is a likeable son of a gun who plays pranks on the Principal at his school once too often and gets himself into a whole heap of trouble! More trouble than he ever imagined! Yes, the only person who can stop Dr. Blakely, The Brain, and his fat assisstant (who did voices on Babar and X-Men cartoons. POINTLESS INFORMATION AHOY!) is a wise cracking prank pullin teenanger! Jim is actually a really likeable guy and his girlfriend (played by Cydny (way to misspell your own name idiot) Preston) is a cutie, who was in Prom Night 3 and did the voice of Princess Zelda on the old cartoons! I must say Jimmy got himself a winner!

What makes this movie enjoyable is the characters are incredibly entertaining, the pace never lets down for a moment, and it's got a killer giant Brain, so stop reading this terrible excuse for a review and go watch this movie you bastards!

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