Saturday, April 2, 2011

Comic Book Ads PART 2

You may remember that back in November I decided to post an article which was me posting images of some old comic book ads and talking about how goofy they were. Well! Here's part 2! Yes, I know, I'm running out of ideas already you say, well I say I had no goddamn ideas in the first place, So just shut the hell up and read this stupid garbage that I'm about to review.

Yes, yes I know Seanbaby has talked about every Hostess ad on his website, but seriously, anyone who talks about stupid comic ads anywhere HAS to talk about Hostess ads, It's in our contract and everything, so here I'm going to talk about Hostess Ads, which I personally love. Every single one of them was out and out crazy  And I love insanity. Also They were geninuenly good ads because whenever I read one I want to go buy some Hostess fruit pies (do they even make them anymore?) but that could be because I'm a fat man and being reminded of food at any time will make me want to have that food, either way I've mentioned the Hostess ads so I don't have to do it again.

Well Kingpin,  Bullseye and a random black man all tell us about the next ad. In which you would cut this ad out and send it to marvel and get a 7 bucks off when you buy 4 marvel comics, but I'm certain you already could tell that from reading the ad, I don't really have to tell you what you can plainly see, but I do it anyway. Also this is an ad I would see a lot of in those old comics, and not one person ever cut it out to send to the Kingpin, SO I GUESS THEY DID REFUSE YOUR OFFER, ya fat fuck. Also can anyone out there tell me who in the fuck that random black man is. I own too many comic books (seriously) and I don't think I've ever seen him before. Is he just some random black man they just drew in there or what? And why the hell is Bullseye holding a pie? Is he going to throw it at someone and kill them? This ad is just weird.

Our final ad for today is an ad talking about Marvel's old humor magazine Crazy. Crazy was in the same vien of old school Mad and Cracked....well I dunno about Cracked.... I have a feeling they were always very lame, but I still liked them as a child. I also loved Crazy as a child too, I only had 3 issues though, and I ended up losing those three issues. I don't know anything else about Marvel's magazines like Epic or the rest of the bunch but I know Crazy was a damn fine one. At least when I was 10. Either way, this is a pretty good ad because it uses one of the most fun supervillians ever, Batroc the Leaper. He's a guy who can jump real good and uh... I think thats it. Either way I just like his terrible french accent... and thats why I posted this ad.

Anyway, uh, I guess I'm done. I'll see you in a few so I can talk to you about something else that no one cares about. Maybe I'll talk about the Prom Night series of films. No one cares about them! No one!

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