Monday, May 9, 2011

Double Dragon 3 (1991)

Well... It's time for another review of another game most people hate except for me, but first I must talk about Double Dragon, at least the original two games for a second... I think they are two of the BEST NES games on the system, and I think a lot of the dislike of this game comes from the fact that it's not even half as good as its predecessors. Not even 1/3 as good, but to be fair, it's up against two games that are damn perfect... and while it's not as good, and is a bit of a disappointment, I fail to see how Double Dragon 3 is a BAD game.

One thing I do like about this game is that it has some really good music. The music isn't as good as the first two games (especially part 2) but it still has some really good memorable tunes. I think I like the first level music the most. And the graphics are pretty good too, they are pretty much the same as Double Dragon 2's graphics. A few things I don't really like about this title is that it's ass blastingly hard. Like seriously hard, it can be beaten (and I've done it) but the fact you get one continue to get anywhere in it is crazy. I consider Princess Noiram (CAN YOU GUESS WHO SHE REALLY IS... HINT: IT'S MARION) and it will take you a lot of damn practice and effort to beat this game, but it can be done. You'll probably lose some hair from stress.

Also I don't like most of the bosses in this game, they aren't really hard except for the last two, and aren't half as interesting as bosses like Arnie or Abobo or Machine Gun Joe (that was the name of the second lass boss in the original game right? I love the way that guy looks!)... fuck it it may be petty, but this game loses a lot of points because it has no Abobo.. Maybe a petty reason but damnit this is my blog and this is my stupid review and I can be angry at a game for any dumb reason and if you don't think so you can go eat shit. A whole load of it. Also this game is a bit shorter than the others which I didn't really like. A few more levels coulda helped it a bit... oh well.

Anyway, Double Dragon 3 may be very short, and it may have a final boss that I thought was completely impossible (until I somehow beat her) but it does have some good music, good graphics and most of all, if you ask me, the game is pretty fun. It's not as good as the other Double Dragon games on the NES... which even includes Battletoads / Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team... but being the last in a series of very good games is nothing to be ashamed off. So I'd say that Double Dragon 3 is a very solid title and worthy of being in your collection.

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  1. Yeah, I dig this game. It's always been a fun one to me. My buddy Kris and I used to play the hell out of it when we were kids. Good stuff.

    There used to be a dude on Youtube that would run around to every video about Double Dragon 3 and talk mad trash about it haha