Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1991)

As you may know, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was a series of low budget B-grade horror comedies. They were to be completetly honest, only somewhat entertaining, with Return of the Killer Tomatoes being the best of the lot, still they are a semi-famous and popular series of films, making 4 entries into the series and in 1991, A cartoon series (which I have never seen a single episode of, unless my memory is lying to me.) and thanks to the cartoon series we get this not so good NES title.

Yes, there was an Attack of the Killer Tomatoes NES game, and it was on some other systems too, but I'm too lazy to check which ones and I don't really care. I have no idea if those systems had better versions or what not, but to be fair, you would have to try pretty hard to make a worse game than this. To start off I'll be fair. I kinda like the music and the graphics, they do their job and aren't eyesores to look at. The challenge is pretty fair, and if you are an experienced game player you could probably beat this in a day.

The problems this game has is well the jumping is really weird and takes a lot of time to get used too. You'll end up jumping the wrong way on bad guys A LOT in this game before you get used to the way its supposed to be done. And the other big problem is that this game isn't all that fun. It's just rather mundane. I wish they had done something more with this license. You just get 5 levels, 2 of them being boring ass levels you find in any other NES game. I dunno, I think you could have come up with some crazy levels for an attack of the Killer Tomatoes game, I mean the last 3 levels are a bit weird, but I dunno, I expected weirder. And for it to be a whole lot longer too.

Anyway, I don't really hate this game unlike most other people. I don't like it either. In fact this is the game I completely forget about and I'm always amazed that I own a copy of. It's pretty much one of the many NES games that you forget actually existed, and that's not a good thing. Also the fact they didn't add in the guy who constantly had the parachute on in this game is a god damn tragedy.

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