Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Evil (1978)

Holy hannah! I'm actually updating twice in one day. Well, twice in two days. Betcha all thought you'd see another update in August or something. Well, I guess you were all wrong! ALL THREE OF YOU! Anyway I decided to update again because well I just saw a rather entertaining horror film and decided to let you all know about it's glory! It's called The Evil (I'm sure you could tell from the title of the review...) and it was made in 1978 by a man named Gus Trikonis. I wish my name was Gus. It also stars Richard Crenna and the guy who played King Tut in the 1960s Batman tv series. And a bunch of other people who I don't care about and neither should you.

I'm not exactly the biggest fan of movies that take place in Haunted Houses... not to say that I dislike them. I did enjoy the House on Haunted Hill remake... (yes I said something positive about a remake... I should be tortured!) but they aren't really my first choice when it comes down to deciding what movie to watch ... I think it has something to do with how much I didn't like any of the Amityville Horror movies I saw (and I'm pretty sure I saw them all except for the second movie and the one about the clock...) and there were like 77,000 of them. Watching that many bad haunted house movies could sour a person on the whole idea of haunted house related fiction.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this movie. It's about a team of Doctors who go to this old house to fix it up... and it turns out to be haunted... BY SATAN HIMSELF... AHHH... but yeah, Richard Crenna (who does a fine job in this movie) plays an atheist who pretty much tries to make up any other reasoning for whats going on in the house... and well everyone gets knocked off one by one until it's only his wife and the ghost of the former owner of the house ready to beat the Devil!!! (who's played by King Tut! how cool is that!) Anyway, I liked this movie because it had some pretty good acting, a pretty good story, and unlike those goddamn Amityville Horror movies things actually happened in this movie. I don't know about anyone else, but I just remember being deathly bored by those movies. Also the characters are all really likeable and the pace never lets up..

You have a bunch of choices when it comes to this movie, you can pick up the old VHS copy OR get it on a DVD with the movie Twice Dead... I don't know how the quality of the DVD is but YOU GET TWICE DEAD... Totally worth it. Stop reading this stupid piece of garbage review that I shit out in twenty seconds and go watch this movie. Or don't I really can't say I care.

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