Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends (1992)

"Well, it's time to tackle this beast" I thought to my self earlier today. The game I consider to be the worst licensed title on the NES, and then I replayed it, and while it's bad, it's not as bad as I remembered. While this review wont be as venomous and negative it could have been if I didn't replay this game, it's not going to be very positive either. It still has many many problems which should have been fixed before they put it out to stores.

Anyway, I'm sure you know of Jay Ward's famous creations, Rocky & Bullwinkle. I loved these guys as a kid and I would watch their show every single day I could. I remember getting up ass early on school days to watch this and other shows (it would cause me to fall asleep in class and get Mr. Kelly mad at me but I really didn't give no fucks. Which totally explains the terrible grammar and spelling I have, doesn't it?) Anyway, I had fond memories of these guys, and well, the game doesn't do them justice no how, no way.

First to be fair, I kinda like how they made the graphics cartoony... like the show, but couldn't they have done a better job? It was 1992 for fuck sake, seriously, look at Contra, Mike Tyson, and Mega Man. GAMES OLDER THAN THIS ONE WITH BETTER GRAPHICS? I don't usually harp on graphics because it's the fucking NES and they all look like shit in comparison to the new fancy shit, but these graphics just end up looking ugly. The show didn't have the greatest animation, but it sure didn't look as ugly as this shit. God damn you Radical Entertainment (I'm also finding out that it seems T*HQ was like LJN and they just published games and never made any, and I do think T*HQ is worse... yes, I SAID IT) Another thing is that, maybe it changes if you get farther in the game, I don't see any of the friends in the game. No Dudley Do Right. No Peabody and Sherman. None of them. I really think you could have made some neat levels and bosses and everything relating to the characters in this show, but nope, you get boring barren levels with a bunch of random bad guys thrown in every 10 or so feet, which you can easily fly over. Wooo. Exciting. And just to throw this out there, the Hit detection kinda sucks and you can get stuck in an enemy and get hit over and over. Now that's annoying.

Anyway, the game to be fair controls fine when you are playing as Bullwinkle, but when you are Rocky and you want to do his flying move, you go all over the fucking place and that's very annoying when you have to make small jumps on small platforms. It makes you want to break all of your Nintendo games and kill a small dog. And I don't think that's a good thing, but when you aren't flying, The game actually controls well. Weird huh? Also another complaint is that the bombs you get to throw don't work very well, and Bullwinkle's power which works really well makes you lose health and then get killed by one of those big fucking gangster assholes. God damn those fuckers.

Is this game worth owning? Not really. It may be an interesting conversation piece if you are like a number 1 Rocky and Bullwinkle fan, but if you owned this one, you'd have to buy the SNES version (which is even worse), the Genesis version (which I have never played) and the Game boy version (which I have also never played). I personally am a fan of the show and I just wish they left the characters alone, or got some good game company to develop the game. Like anyone besides god damn fucking Radical Entertainment.

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  1. I was happy to find this game, being a fan of the show... until I played it. It's garbage.