Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hell High (1989)

Well, here I am again with yet another update for the month of May. Yes, I know I should update this stupid blog more and I do plan on trying to do so, but I get lazy and forget about this thing for a few weeks and then come back with some piece of mediocre writing and that's being nice! Anyway today I have a fine little piece of 80s cheese for you, It's Hell High from 1989, starring a bunch of people you've never heard off. But it's still worth your time to watch!

If you were to go by the comments made by Internet Movie Database users, than this movie is the worst film ever! Seriously, some of the venom given to this movie would make you think it was directed by Adolf Hitler and not some guy who worked on the 1984 classic Up the Creek! (yeah I liked that movie, got a problem with that!?) anyway, I'm always amazed by what people consider the worst movie ever made. It's always usually a movie I can glean some enjoyment from. I dunno, maybe I have the terrible taste here and should be shunned from society, or maybe this movie really isn't that terrible.

The plot here is rather simple. It's about a teacher who as a little girl accidentally caused the deaths of two people. And as you can tell it kinda fucked her up really good, She ends up spending most of her time alone when not teaching. Anyway, she teaches a class that star our cast of teens. Who are complete god damn assholes. Shit, one of them attempts RAPE for crying out loud! And I think that's what made this move interesting, none of the characters are likable, yet the actors do an entertaining job of playing them. Anyway, the teacher ends up slapping the head of the gang and that causes him to want revenge, because he's a petty fucker.

And well, his revenge ends up costing him his life, because well, what they do ends up having her go coo coo for coco puffs... and she kills them all. That's it really. The death scenes aren't really that amazingly graphic, but I don't care too much for that really. I enjoyed this movie because the characters were entertaining, the pace was quick, and the acting was a bit better than usual. There were some stupid moments but fuck what goddamn 80s slasher movie didn't have moments that made you scratch your head? Here's the answer.... not a single god damn one.

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