Monday, August 16, 2010

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde


If I could go back in time. I would probably beat Robert Louis Stevenson to death, before 1886, so that he does not write the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Sure, we would lose that book which inspired a lot of people, a few awesome movies based off it. Those cool as hell Looney Toons shorts (the one where Bugs gets adopted by Dr. Jekyll, and the one where Tweety drinks Dr. Jekyll's potion and fucks up Sylvester's shit were awesome.) and the Marvel Comics character Mr. Hyde. I'd be willing to give up all that stuff so that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the NES did not exist, and I'm sure Robert Louis Stevenson would agree with me.

I guess I will start off this review with the positives aspects of this game, as much as I hate to be positive about this terrible, horrible atrocious, ugly, awful and just plain bad game. I will admit that the graphics for this game are okay. Not great, but not awful. Still graphics are the least important aspect of a video game to me, and the graphics are sadly, this games high point, AND THEY ARE JUST OKAY.

I'd rather not talk about the sound, but I have too. The sound is so fucking repeative, the sound in this game makes me want to maul puppies and kittens and babies. it drives me up the god damn fucking wall. It's annoying.  It really is probably without a doubt the worst soundtrack on the NES. Even beating out the original 18 Black Box games.

This games controls rather poorly. Dr. Jekyll must be walking on molasses because the fucker is so god damn slow it's pathetic, WHICH really fucks up the game, because the guys who drop bombs are incredibly fast and the bombs explode pretty quickly, so you have to get Jekyll past them before they go kablooey. (I love it when things go Kablooey... sorry I just had to quote Duck Tales there), really your slow ass character is the biggest flaw in this game and will probably cause your hair to fall out (I'm blaming this game for my hair loss..)

I should also mention that you'd don't really have a weapon. That stick you carry around for whatever reason only works on one fucking enemy. the fucking bees. I don't know what the hell the game developers were smoking when they decided to make it so your only weapon will only hit one enemy. Oddly enough despite these flaws the game only becomes hard around level 6, but level 6 will cause you to kill your entire family, neighbours, and probably get sent to prison for life.

If it hasn't become obvious, I do not like the NES game, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, in fact I feel that it is one of the worst, if not THE worst game on the NES. It's annoying sounds, poor control, weapon that hits ONE FUCKING ENEMY and that fucking last level all combine to a very annoying affair.

Buy it or Skip it: Skip it for the love of god, Skip this fucking game.

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