Monday, August 16, 2010



I fucking love the Caped Crusader. I fucking love the old TV series. I fucking love the animated series. I really fucking love the comics. I loved the recent movies, hell I even really really really liked the Tim Burton movies, especially Returns, and of course I fucking love this game, based off the 1989 movie. Well sorta.I don't remember Batman fighting KGBeast and The Executioner and Firefly in the movie, it could have happened but I doubt it. Anyway even if it is only slightly based off the 1989 movie, I don't give a fuck because this game kicks some serious fucking ass.  So on to this review, which doesn't kick any ass.

The graphics are honestly some of the best on the NES. Everything is nice and bright and identifible. The animations of everything exploding is awesome. (And everything does explode. Even Batman himself. HOW COOL IS THAT?)  The sounds and music, just as awesome. EVERY SONG in this  game is fucking awesome and I would totally listen to any of them anytime. The play control, excellent. Everything about this game is excellent.

I've heard people complain about the challenge, but those people are fucking pussies who need to man up. This game is hard, yes, but it's the good kind of hard that even though it kicks your ass, you get right back up to playing it. YOU WANT to beat this game, unlike other hard games like Dr. Jekyll, which are just unfairly hard. This game is fair in its hardness. (ha i said hardness) and honestly the only really really hard part is the final boss battle with the Joker, and even he can be beaten with some practice. In other words, the game has a fair challenge.

Batman: The Video Game is an excellent addition to anyone's video game collection, pretty much everything about this game is insanely awesome, and it is definitely one of the BEST licensed games on the NES. Sunsoft made a great game here, and if you haven't played it. GET THE FUCK OFF THIS FUCKING BLOG AND PLAY IT YOU FUCKER.

Buy it or Skip it :  What do you think my advice on this purchasing this game would be?

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