Sunday, August 15, 2010


I must admit something. I do not like sports. I have never liked sports. Not as a child. Not now. Mostly because of Gym class. I know you are going "LOL. HE'S A FATTY". Yes. I am obese. Fat. LARDO, BUT it's not the major reason actually. I would have played, if anyone would play with me. I'm pretty sure we had a extra person in the class and I was chosen last for everything. LAST. mostly because most people didn't want to be seen with me, because I was the class loser. the outcast. the person no one liked. It's because of painful memories of gym class that I can't really watch sports. That and they are fucking boring as hell.


Baseball (what a original title!) was made in 1983 for the Famicom, and was brought over to the NES in 1985, making it one of the first NES titles to be released. one of the black box games, people on the internet seem to go wild over. There were 18 of them, and a lot of them sucked. So I don't really know why people on the internet freak out and go I MUST HAVE THEM WITH BOX AND MANUAL. WOOO, but that's a rant for another time.

Baseball is probably the worst of the original black box games, yes, it even out does 10 Yard Fight in terms of shittiness. Baseball somehow has uglier graphics and worse sound, and these graphics were fucking ugly for 1983. And the sound well I don't remember it being that bad, yeah I'm reviewing this game from memory, because I don't want to play this shitty ass  game again.

Well, the biggest problem with this game, is that your characters are so. god. damn. slow, and I don't want to wait an entire day for one guy to get a home run.

I'm tired of talking about this stupid game, if you want to play a baseball game, don't play this. every other game is probably better. I say probably, because I haven't bothered to play Bo Jackson Baseball or Tony Hawks Baseball or  Roger Clemens Baseball or one of the 8,000 Bases Loaded games.

Buy it or Skip it: Skip it. Not worth your time, even if you can probably find it for $2.

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