Friday, July 27, 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters (1993)

First off, I must confess a dirty secret I've been hiding for years, I don't like Street Fighter. or Mortal Kombat. or any of those fighting games. I don't really think I've enjoyed a single fighting game. You know why? I'm fucking terrible at every single one of them. I don't profess to be the greatest at video games, but I have beaten my fair share of hard platformers, puzzle games, and RPGs. I've beaten stuff that most people gave up on. And I'm sorry to say this to Konami, but I don't really like this game either. The last game they ever published for the NES. And you know me, I'm a big goddamn fan of the Konami games on the NES. I like The Adventures of FUCKING Bayou Billy for christ sake. That should tell you a LOT.

But you know what, the thing is, this is the only fighter I ever really beat. Yes, it's so easy that a man who can't get past one fight in any other fighter, can beat this, without dying. That's pretty god damn easy, but that's not a problem for me. I love many easy games. I've talked about a bunch of them before on this blog of mine. The main problem with this game is that, honestly, it's kinda boring. I know it's not great to use the term boring to describe something, but it fits this game to a tee. This game is just uninteresting. The fighters really don't do much for me, as I don't think I was watching the TMNT cartoon in 1993, and have no idea who any of these characters are. Except the turtles of course. Anyway. I guess I'll talk about some of the positives.

The graphics, while not spectacular, are still a good jump ahead of the last TMNT game, BUT around this time companies were making the most out of the NES graphics chip, and even other later post 1991 Konami games looked better. They are still pretty decent, it's just I do think that Konami could have done way better. That's all. One thing I will say in this games favor is that I really do like the music and think they did a pretty good job with it. All the tunes were really good and memorable, of course that's Konami for you. I don't think I've ever seen a Konami game with bad music in it. I think the music is the only really good part of this game. And that's a shame.

It's a really big disappointment that not only was the last TMNT game on the NES, not a very good game. It was also the last Konami game. That's incredibly sad to me. Anyway, I don't think my not enjoying this game has anything to do with my bias of not enjoying fighters that much. Finding them annoying and kinda boring. Or maybe it is. Anyway, I'd say give the game a shot anyway, like I usually do as people have different tastes in all kinds of shit, but Nintendo Age and Ebay made this game worth like 564306350342 dollars, so I'm just gonna go tell you to emulate it and if you think it's worth that much money, then spend it..

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